About Me

I am a REP Level 3 Diploma qualified personal trainer and an RYT 200hr accredited by Yoga Alliance. I have a background in dance, corporate communications, international relations via the UN and contemporary art...among other things.

After spending a number of years working in the corporate world, I realized that the best bit of my day – an early morning run, a buzzing HIIT class, spinning to some knockout music or stretching it out on a yoga mat – needed to be the biggest part of my day.

In no particular order, I am – or so I’m told: full of beans, solar-powered, easily excited, overly energetic, quirky, mildly unpredictable, endlessly curious and an adventurer. I love inspiring people to meet their goals, find new ones and discover enjoyment in activity – a dose of endorphins doesn’t hurt either!

I believe training sessions should be challenging, but they should always be fun. I also have kind of a thing for superhero movies and maybe the two go together: after all, nothing gets you closer to feeling a tiny bit like iron man than pushing through an intense workout. Try it. You'll come out feeling more than a little bit awesome.